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Title: MIT town hall on self-governance of DNA synthesis technology
Speaker(s): ,
Time: 5-7pm
Location: MIT, 32-D463
Abstract: The MIT synthetic biology working group will host a town hall meeting to discuss a set of self-governance declarations that have been proposed in a white paper by Stephen Maurer & colleagues from UC Berkeley. An electronic copy of the white paper is available via: The goal of our meeting is to discuss and improve, remove, or replace the declarations in the white paper. Any declarations left standing will be considered for future discussion, debate, and ratification at next month's SB2.0, the Second International Conference on Synthetic Biology ( At the start of our meeting, I will (very quickly) present one possible framework for evaluating these declarations, an analysis of their likely impact (including obvious uncertainties), and propose a few changes. If you would also like to make a brief presentation in response to the white paper please send me an email so that we can best organize our discussions. RSVPs (via are also appreciated but not required.
Host: Synthetic Biology Working Group, , MIT