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What cake club

Cake club has been a part of lab life just about everywhere I have worked. At the John Innes Centre however it has taken on an entirely different dimension.

Cake club is an extension of the ritual bringing in of cake on your birthday or for some other occassion.

There are some rules for cake club...

Cake club rules

  • Anyone can bring a cake on any occassion however insignificant.
  • Anyone that eats cake club cake must bring cake in to eat.
  • Home made cakes are strongly encouraged.
  • Cakes are marked out of ten.
    • 2 points are deducted for shop bought.
    • 1 point deducted if it was made by your partner, spouse, etc.
    • 1 point deducted each time you bring in the same cake, this is multiplicitive.

Scoring should be honest and unbiased. Never mark highly just because the person may be offended. A score of five or six is expected for an average cake. Do not follow the likes of Olympic judges and award everybody nine or higher!

Always make constructive criticism, never just say something is bad, unless it is actually rotten then mention it as soon as possible.

Please add the recipie so others can try your cake out for themselves.

List of current cake clubs and cores

Please add your cake club here with a link to your lab and your cake. I have put my first CRI cake here as an example....