Cacahuatl bilayer

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Natural recipes.png

lower leaflet

  • warm heating chamber to 200ºC
  • mix 2 unfertilised chicken embryos (eggs) with 60g sucrose in a metal container in a water bath
  • stir vigorously until homogeneous and about 150-200% in volume
  • remove from water bath and mix with 40g grain homogenate (flour) and 15ml* cocoa powder (*1 table spoon)
  • optional step: add large, dry and oily plant seeds of selected plants cut into small pieces (walnuts & hazelnuts esp. conducive to good results)
  • pour into circular container, incubate briefly for 10-15min until mass has markedly reduced affinity to backing paper
  • allow to cool down

upper leaflet

container 1

  • melt 135-150g chocolate fractionated into small pieces in water bath
  • allow to cool to 30-35ºC

container 2

  • separate 4 egg whites into separate autoclaved container (ok, washed should also work)
  • add 5g (pinch) sodium chloride to facilitate the denaturing of the egg proteins
  • stir vigorously until a solid protein/air emulsion has formed; volume should be strongly increased

container 1

  • mix egg yolk with molten chocolate vigorously

container 2 > 1

  • with the help of a large spatula gently mix 1/2 egg white/air emulsion with chocolate without compacting too much
  • gently add remaining half

assembly of the bilayer

  • add foamy upper leaflet carefully to cooled baked lower leaflet of the bilayer
  • put at 4ºC for a minimum of 2h
  • optional: add visual adornment
  • when feeding to human test subjects, record facial expression and sound