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Praomys E-Gel

  • Results of collecting DNA band from Praomys extractions using E-Gel SizeSelect:

PraomysEgel04 10 2015.jpg

Samples labeled with the letter 'A' were collected from the E-Gel. The samples without an 'A' at the end of the name were the original extractions before running the E-Gel.

Top set of wells:

1) 2ul of CM4, 2) 2ul of CM4-A, 3) 2ul of CM5, 4) 2ul of CM5-A, 5) 2 uL 100 bp low scale ladder, 6) 2ul of GC11, 7) 2ul of GC11-A, 8) 2ul of GC13, 9) 2ul of GC13-A, 10) Empty

Bottom set of wells:

1) 2ul of KS7, 2) 2ul of KS7-A, 3) 2ul of KS22, 4) 2ul of KS22-A, 5) 2 uL 100 bp low scale ladder, 6) 2ul of MC1, 7) 2ul of MC1-A, 8) 2ul of MC2, 9) 2ul of MC2-A, 10) Empty