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Whole Genome Sequencing PCR-Free Library Prep for TRBL

  • Used TruSeq Library Prep Kit
  • Diluted sample 02N9685 to 1ug of DNA in 100 uL total of Buffer AE
  • Sonication (2016-08-23)
    • BioRuptor NGS: 4 cycles of 30 seconds on, 90 seconds off, High Power

Wholegenomesheared 08232016.JPG

1) 2uL 100bp low scale ladder,

3) 2uL sheared TRBL →Sheared DNA to ~400bp.

  • Dried down samples to get concentrated volume of 50 uL using SpeedVac (2016-08-23)
  • Clean-up fragmented DNA (2016-08-24)
  • End Repair and Size Selection- edited to size select for 400bp (2016-08-24)
    • Made a diluted bead mixture with the ratio of 109ul beads: 75ul dH2O and added 160 ul of mixture to each tube

Size selected 08 24 2016.JPG

1) 2uL 100bp low scale ladder,

3) 2uL TRBL

  • Adenylate 3' Ends (2016-08-25)
    • Ran on JOHN thermocycler under program: SDCRKAD, Block B
  • Ligate Adapters (2016-08-25)
    • Assigned Adapter: 9
  • Qubit: 4.10 ng/μL
  • Run sample on BioAnalyzer DNA High Sensitivity Chip (2016-09-12)

TRBLWG Bioanalyzer.PNG

  • Sent 10nM to UC Davis for sequencing (Illumina HiSeq 250 PER (Rapid Mode)) (2016-09-13)