CRI nanodrop users guide

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General Info

This SOP is a how to use guide for the analysis of DNA, RNA and Primer concentration using the Nanodrop ND-100.


  • P2 Single Channel Pipette
  • ART 10 Reach sterile pipette tips
  • Sterile de-ionised water
  • Blue paper towel
  • Samples for concentration testing.
  • Nanodrop ND-100 Spectrophotometer connected to PC with correct Software.


For DNA / Primer concentrations:

  1. Log onto Nanodrop PC using your user name and password.
  2. Open Nanodrop 3.0.0 by double clicking on the Nanodrop 3.0.0 icon on the desktop.
  3. Click on “Nucleic Acid Measurement” button.
  4. Using the blue paper towel, gently wipe both parts of the electrode.
  5. Load a fresh tip onto the pipette as specified in JGLSOP32
  6. Set the dispensing volume to 1µl
  7. Draw up 1µl of sterile de-ionised water and dispense onto the bottom electrode of the Nanodrop.
  8. Eject tip into yellow hazardous container after use.
  9. Lower the top arm down into position.
  10. Click “ok” button to initialize the spectrophotometer.
  11. Once complete, raise the arm and wipe both electrodes again with blue roll.
  12. Repeat steps 6 to 9 again.
  13. Click “Blank” button.
  14. Clean both electrodes again, using a fresh piece of blue paper towel.
  15. Ensure Sample Type box is set to DNA-50 for all DNA concentrations. If not, change using drop down menu. (For Primer concentrations, select “other” and change constant to “33”)
  16. Using a fresh tip, load pipette with sample (1µl) and dispense onto electrodes.
  17. Lower top arm.
  18. Click “Measure” button (located at the top left hand corner of the screen)
  19. Record Value (ng/µl) displayed at the bottom right hand side of the Nanodrop user screen.
  20. Raise arm and clean electrodes using fresh piece of blue paper towel.
  21. Repeat steps 16 to 20 until the required number of samples have been analysed.
  22. Click on “Exit” button to leave program.
  23. Click “Exit” again to return to the desktop.