CRI Sigma 4K15 centrifuge

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General Info

This SOP is a how to use guide for the Sigma 4K15 Centrifuge.


  1. Turn on the centrifuge using the mains power switch located on rear back panel.
  2. If the centrifuge lid is closed then gently press the Lid-Key (Illuminated Orange), located on the top right hand side of the main control panel.
    1. Wait for the lid to unlock and lift fully open.
  3. Check that there are two black sample wells and two metal Plate holders located inside the machine.
  4. Gently remove the plate holders from the sample wells and place to one side.
  5. Taking care, position your plates in the metal plate holders so that they are correctly aligned with one another. You may load up to 3 plates in each holder.
    1. Never run the centrifuge with an unequal number of plates in each holder. ##Always balance out odd numbers with an empty plate rack.
    2. Failure to do so will cause the run to fail and cause damage to the centrifuge.
  6. Lower the loaded holders back into position ensuring that they are as far into the black sample wells as possible.
    1. Do not use excessive force to replace the holders. If the fit is not correct, check the alignment of your plates.
  7. Lower the centrifuge lid back into the closed position and hold until you hear it lock into place.
    1. Both the Lid-key (illuminated Orange) and the Start-key (illuminated green) should now be highlighted.
  8. Using the blue circular knob located on the front of the centrifuge display, highlight the ‘speed’ panel. Depress the knob once and the word SET will appear inverted. Adjust to the desired speed, measured as rpm, by turning to the left or right.
    1. Minimum value of 100 rpm, Maximum value of 6200 rpm.
  9. Press the blue circular knob again to set this value.
  10. Follow the same procedures as detailed in section 9 to set both the time and temperature which you wish to centrifuge at.
    1. Temperature range: -20 to 40°c
    2. Time range: 1 minute and upwards
  11. Alternatively, select the desired program number as above.
  12. Once the correct parameters have been stored for your run, press the Start-key (illuminated green). The centrifuge will now run through your requested method.
  13. Once the cycle has completed, open the lid of the centrifuge by pressing the Lid-key (illuminated orange).
    1. To stop the cycle at ANY time during the run, press the Stop-key (illuminated red)
  14. Carefully remove plates in holders from the centrifuge. Remove plates from plate holders and replace holders back into black sample wells.