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Illumina and Agilent microarray systems (for expression profiling, genotyping, copy number profiling and ChIP:Chip) ABI 7900HT for both end point and real-time analysis of DNA/RNA ABI automated sequencers (for general sequencing and fragment analysis) Automated nucleic acid preparation robotics for DNA and RNA extraction from a variety of tissues Liquid handling robotics for automated DNA/RNA normalisation and PCR set-up

  • Installed:
    • On site:
      • Nothing yet, watch this space...
    • Off site:
      • Agilent (Hutch)
      • ABI 7900HT
  • Requested:
    • Illumina
  • Testing:
  • Proposed:
    • Nucleic acid prep robotics
    • ABI 7900HT
    • ABI 3130