CHE.496/2009/Schedule/Oral presentations of literature research

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CHE.496: Biological Systems Design Seminar


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  • Based on meeting on 3/23/09
  • Wednesday: Rohini, Brandon, Joe
  • Thursday: Patrick, Thaddeus, Maria, Dan
  • Where/When: Brown Library @ 8:00AM, Room 156

Rohini Manaktala

  • Topic: NYMU-Taipei-2008 "BacToKidney" Project

Dan Tarjan

  • Topic: Combinatorial engineering of intergenic regions in operons tunes expression of multiple genes. Keasling et al.


  • Topic: "Bactricity" from the Harvard team 2008


  • Topic: Biofabricator Imperial college 2008

Patrick Gildea

  • Title: Peptide and Protein Building Blocks for Synthetic Biology: From Programming Biomolecules to Self-Organized Biomolecular Systems
  • Link

Joe Bozzay

  • Topic: Team Kyoto- iGEM 2008: Cells as physical power suppliers: Raise the Titanic!

Brandon Freshcorn

  • Topic: