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CHE.496: Biological Systems Design Seminar

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Biological machines

  • Discussion leader: George M.

  • Designing biological systems link
    • We will discuss this article at a later date since I accidentally provided the link to a powerpoint presentation and not the intended article.

  • Biology by design: Reduction and synthesis of cellular components and behavior link
    • Dr. You et al have presented a very comprehensive but tight summary of the current state of the field of synthetic biology in this article. It's probably my favorite synthetic biology review, covering the inspiration/motivation behind the technology, the defining characteristics of the field, foundational technologies (e.g., DNA synthesis), and areas of applications including natural product synthesis (green chemistry), therapeutics, etc. It also provides a balanced perspective on the outlook of synthetic biology, describing the pros and cons, the promises and limitations.
    • However, the most valuable and unique information provided in this article is the advice on how to design a biological system. This is priceless information and should be critically reviewed (see Box 1).