CHE.496/2008/Projects/2/Group 3

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CHE.496: Biological Systems Design Seminar

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Patrick Gildea & Dan Tarjan project overview and part design

  • Project Ideas
    • Double Repressilator with different transcriptional rates regulated by a toggle switch
    • Metabolic engineering of E.Coli or Yeast to manufacture spider silk (gossamar) fiber
    • Neurotransmitters as messengers between non-neuron cells
    • Negative feed-back switch
    • Catenin/Cadherin
    • Cancer inhibitor that replaces invasin as a mode of attacking cancerous cells via inhibiting critical pathways in cancerous tumors that results in apoptosis of the tumor
    • Synthetic Organelle: Make a membrane bound region in which a controlled environment can exist. Would need to be able to control membrane proteins present.
    • Photosynthesis:
    • Manufacture of Antibodies in E. Coli or Yeast
    • Orphan Drugs - to be listed...
      • Zevalin: monoclonal antibody
      • Lopinavir: protease inhibitor?
      • Cerezyme: imiglucerase?

  • 2 Projects in Detail:
    • DuoRepressilator
    • Cadherin cell adhesion hooks