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Us this page to brainstorm or suggest possible topics and ideas

Topic choices should be discussed with the instructor at least one week prior to the scheduled presentation. A list of topics can be found below, but there is significant leeway to tailor the papers and topics toward your specific interests.

Double Strand Break (DSB) Repair

  • DSB repair mechanisms in prokaryotes
    • Homologous Recombination
    • SOS Response
  • DSB repair in eukaryotes
    • Homologous Recombination
    • Non-Homologous End Joining
    • Alternative End-Joining
  • DSB Repair: Pathway Choice
  • DSB-related diseases:
    • Seckel & Jawad Syndromes
    • Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome
    • Ataxia - telangiectasia
    • Werner & Bloom Syndromes

DNA Replication and Genomic Instability

  • Replicating Aberrant Structures
    • DNA Hairpins
    • Z-DNA
    • G-Quadruplex DNA
    • Chromosome Fragile Sites
  • Replication-Transcription Conflicts
  • Replication-Collapse at Interstrand Cross Links

Mechanisms of DNA Mismatch Repair

  • Mismatch Repair in Prokaryotes
  • Very short patch repair
  • Mismatch Repair in Eukaryotes
    • How is a Mismatch Recognized?
    • How is a Mismatch Removed?
  • Mismatch repair and adaptation
    • Mutagenesis in Bacteria
    • Mutagenesis in Eukaryotes
  • Meiotic-specific Roles of Mismatch Repair Proteins
  • Diseases
    • Lynch Syndrome

Mitochondrial DNA Damage

  • Structure of Mitochondrial DNA
  • Mechanisms of DNA Repair
  • Mitochondrial DNA repair and aging
  • Diseases Associated with Mitochondrial DNA Damage

Nucleotide Excision Repair

Base Excision Repair

Damage Tolerance and Mutagenesis

  • Prokaryotes
    • Error-prone translesion synthesis
    • Living with chronic damage
  • Eukaryotes
    • Error-prone translesion synthesis
    • Living with chronic damage

Cell-cycle response to DNA damage

Systems approaches to cancer research

  • Global analysis of transcription changes
  • Global analysis of siRNA changes in cancer cells

p53 -- The Guardian of the Genome