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Center for Advanced Sensor Technology

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Dr. Tolosa - Bio/Chem Supervisor

Dr. Dan Kostov - Electro-Optics Supervisor

Equipment Maintenance/Ordering

Karuna M - Chemicals,reagents,Disposables

Mike H. - Bio-instrumentation (autoclave, centrifuges, incubators, etc.)

Chemicals/Reagents/Equipments Catalog

NOTE: Require google spreadsheet access by admin.

CAST Chemical Catalog
SHEET 1:Chemicals, SHEET 2:Kits/Products, SHEET 3:Enzymes/Buffers,
SHEET 4:Proteins/Proteinase, SHEET 5:Prepared buffers

CAST Disposable Catalog
SHEET 1: Tubes, vials, gloves, tips, etc.

CAST Equipment Catalog

Ordering List

NOTE: Please Check the catalog before Ordering and edit catalog when recieved

Supplies will be ordered every Wednesday by the individual in charge.

CASTlab - Ordering Supplies


Machine/Equipment and CleanUp SignUp sheet

NOTE: Require Google Account. First come, first serve. Please plan ahead.

CAST Biosensor Glassware CleanUp Assignment

CAST User: Centrifruge Time Sheet

CAST User: Time Sheet for Equipment in Room 240

Floor Plans

CAST Foyer - Room 234A

CAST Biosensor Lab - Room 233

CAST Fermentation Lab - Room 234

CAST Media Prep - Room 238

CAST Spectroscopy/Cell culture Lab - Room 240

CAST Chemical Sensor/Electronics Lab - Room 242

Lab Meeting Archives and Notes