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Center for Advanced Sensor Technology
Center for Advanced Sensor Technology

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Kostov Y., Albano C.R., Rao, G. (2000) All-solid-state GFP sensor. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 70, 473-477.


An all-solid-state green fluorescent protein (GFP) sensor for GFP measurement was developed. It is immune to interference from ambient light and works with standard flow-through cuvettes. The sensor is practically insensitive to the scattered excitation light encountered in microbial suspensions. It has a range of 0.0002–1 g/L (7.4 × 10−9 – 3.7 × 10−5 M) with limit of detection 0.00019 g/L (7.0 × 10−9 M). The sensor could be used with a UV or blue light emitting diode (LED) as a light source, depending on required sensitivity, selectivity, and background levels. Its very low cost makes it useful in a variety of applications. This article describes the construction and validation of the sensor both off and on-line in fermentation processes. © 2000 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Biotechnol Bioeng 70: 473–477, 2000.

Keywords: green fluorescent protein; on-line monitoring; sensor; quantitation

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