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CANB 610 Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology


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General Info

  • Winter 2012
  • Location: Oregon Health and Science University, main campus, Tuesdays as indicated on schedule, and Thursdays (Presentations) from 3 to 5 pm, Medical Research Building (MRB) 634.

Week-by-Week Schedule Summary

Date Presenters Topic/Time/Location Evaluator/MC/(Faculty)
January 5 Hoatlin Org Meeting NA
January 10 Students (practice) (Spellman)
January 12 Nathalie/Tim CANB610:Tumor_Sequencing,_part_1 Tiffany/Stacey (Spellman)
January 17 Students (practice) (Spellman)
January 19 Stacey/Tiffany CANB610:Tumor_Sequencing,_part_2 Nathalie/Tim (Spellman)
January 24 Students (practice) (Spellman)
January 26 MJ&Nathalie CANB610:RNA sequencing Stacey/Tiffany (Spellman)
January 31 Students (practice) (Spellman)
Feb 2 no class
Feb 7 no class
Feb 9 Tim/Stacey CANB610:Functional Genomics (Nathalie/MJ) (Spellman)
Feb 14 Students (practice) (Thayer)
Feb 16 Tiffany/MJ CANB610:Chromothrypsis Tim/Nathalie (Thayer)
Feb 19 Students (practice) (McCullough)
Feb 23 Nathalie/Tim Control of skin cancer by the circadian rhythm Tiffany/Stacey (McCullough)
Feb 28 Students (practice) (Lloyd)
March 1 Stacey/Tiffany Inflammation and cancer (MJ/Tim) (Lloyd)
March 6 Students (practice) (Heinrich)
March 8 Tim/MJ (Heinrich) CANB610:Drug Development GIST (Stacey/Tiffany)
March 13 No Class
March 15 No Class
March 20 Students (practice) (Gray/Hoatlin)
March 22 Tiffany/Nathalie CANB610:Drug Development Immunostimulation (Tim/MJ) (Gray/Hoatlin)


  • make sure each of you has at least 2 slots as presenter 1 and 2.