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CAMBIA is an international, independent non-profit research institute. For more than a decade, CAMBIA has been creating new tools to foster innovation and a spirit of collaboration in the life sciences. These tools are aimed at enabling people in disadvantaged communities and developing countries to choose their own methods, to help themselves meet their own challenges in food security, health, and natural resource management.

In Spanish and Italian, CAMBIA means "change". This meaning is at the very heart of CAMBIA's mission. We achieve our aims through four interconnected work products outlined below:

Patent Lens Patents were intended to foster innovation, but they can also form a barrier to innovation. The Patent Lens provides tools to make the world of patents and patent landscapes more transparent, to help focus paths leading to freedom to (co)operate.

BiOS (Biological Open Source) InitiativeThe BiOS Framework communicates and advocates for the development and sharing of life sciences technology through its BiOS licenses, an open source form of collaborative agreement suitable for patented technology.

BioForgeBioForge is a prototype portal to a dynamic protected commons of enabling technologies, available to everyone who agrees to maintain them available to share for improvement and to use in new innovations, whether for research, commercial use, or humanitarian use.

Cambia's MaterialsAt CAMBIA we have designed, developed and delivered molecular enabling technologies with a focus on their use by disadvantaged communities, for example in international agriculture and public health.