CAGEN: Steering Committee Meeting, 20-21 July 2010

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Meeting Goals

  1. Agree on the operating principles and approach for CAGEN
    • What is the long term goal of the competition?
    • Who are the desired participants?
    • Single track or multiple track; single organism or multiple organism
  2. Decide on a draft specification for the first CAGEN competition


Tuesday, 20 Jul

12:00p   Informal discussions over lunch (optional)
1:00p   Introductions, review of agenda, logistics
1:30p   BIOFAB overview (Drew)
2:00p   Review of NAKFI proposal (Richard)
2:30p   Proposal #1: Arkin
2:50p   Proposal #2: Canton
3:10p   Break
3:30p   Proposal #3: Carr
3:50p   Proposal #4: Endy
4:10p   Proposal #5: Murray
4:30p   Proposal #6: Seelig
4:50p   End of day discussion
5:00p   Adjourn (optional group dinner in SF)

Wednesday, 21 Jul

9:00a   Draft proposals (Richard and others)
10:00a   Discussions
10:30a   Break
11:00a   Finalize draft specification
11:30a   Next steps and action items
12:00p   Adjourn (lunch on your own)