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Bradford Assay


The Bradford assay is a quantitative determination of protein concentration using the commassie brilliant blue g250 dye. It is advantageous because it requires a minimal amount of sample material (e.g. purified proteins), is relatively sensitive, and can be executed in 96 well format, allowing the quantitation of many samples at once. In Addition, it quantifies the protein via the same mechanism that you use to visualize them in-gel after electrophoresis. So, what you calculate is what you get, and helps to standardize crude cellular extracts for very pretty gels.


Genetix 96 well clear flat bottom microtiter plate

Bradford Reagent

Bradford Standard (BSA, Lysozoyme, or both)

Buffer your sample is currently in

a p20 and p200 pipettors

Doin the bradford

Prepare your standard dilution

serial dilute your sample

stain it

read it