Bryan Hernandez/20.109/Lab notebook/Module 4/Day 3

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Rescreening gold binders

--Bryanh 16:01, 4 May 2007 (EDT) purpose: to ensure that the gold binders found in Day 2's experiment were really binding to gold and not simply non-specifically binding.


Part 1: Optimization results

The results from our optimization protocol are as follows:
Expt 1 (# of colonies): PCT-CON: 35, pAu1: 180

Expt 2 (#of colonies): PCT-CON: 120, pAu1: 250

given the ratio of colonies between the PCT-CON and pAu1, in today's experiment we decided to use the protocol from Expt 1 because it had the optimal -control to +control ratio.

Part 2: Retesting candidates for gold-binding

We rescreened the gold binders found from the other day to verify their gold binding properties. They are denoted as Colony A, B, C, and D.

six well dish for rescreening library candidates

Part 3: Research proposal

discuessed research proposal. our project is described in the 20.109 section of my user page.

summary and interpretation

results from the rescreening we not great. After looking at the gold plates under the microscope, we found that only two plates had a significant amount of yeast bound to the gold in comparison with the negative control. As such, we only chose to continue the synthesis of the plasmids with the to colonies that we saw to work the best.