Brown BIOL1220:Notebook/SynBio in Theory and Practice/GenProtocols/Primer Resuspension

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Goal: 5pM/μl. This is a 1 x stock solution.

Protocol: 1) Identify the nM amount on the tube and resuspend the primers in 10x (in μl) water, e.g. 23.5 nM would be resuspended in 235 uL water. This is a 100 pM (or 0.1 nM) and is the 20x stock that you protect! 2) Dilute a portion (5μl) of this 20x into a fresh tube (containing 95 μl water), appropriately labeled, to make a 1X stock solution, or 5pm/μL. This is your working solution. Use 2μL per reaction. 3) Store at -20oC.