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Tanya Liu 4/4/11

Mice handling:

1) Put gloved hand slowly into cage. Let mice sniff/explore for ~15 seconds.

2) Let mouse crawl onto hand a. Can use other hand to guide mouse onto hand b. Can also slowly scoop up the mouse into hand c. If mice absolutely refuse to crawl onto hand, then may pick up mice by base of tail just enough so that you can scoop it up with other hand d. Try not to suspend mouse by tail for long distance/periods as that induces stress

3) Cup hand loosely over mouse. Then allow it to crawl around hand for ~1 min. Make sure all your motions are slow and gentle to avoid startle.

4) Slowly lower hand back into cage and let mouse crawl away.

5) If mouse pees onto gloved hand, change gloves before moving onto next mice.

6) If mouse seems especially anxious (ex: peeing, crawling around frantically, etc), stay longer with the mouse, cup hands loosely over mouse for longer amt of time.