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Student Members

Team members forming the structure of the DNA Walker
Aravindabharathi R, Aparnna Suresh, Atul Kaushik, Guruprasad Raghavan, Vasanthanarayan M, T P Sanjan (left to right) Prathyusha K (Center)

We're a bunch of third-year undergraduates from the Department of Biotechnology, IIT Madras

  • Aparnna Suresh

Part time member of the IIT Madras Sharks, and numerous other student groups in insti. Full-time dilettante. Cross her at your own peril.

  • Aravindabharathi R

Armchair philosopher extraordinaire. He has been known to disguise his daydreams as "thought experiments".

  • Atul Kaushik

He was once attacked by a bunch of hostel-mates. They gave up after learning that no amount of physical punishment would elicit the smallest reaction from him.

He is the only person in the team who has been found studying a subject the day after the exam, preparing for the next quiz on it.

  • Prathyusha K

The baby of the team, and also the most playful member.

  • T P Sanjan

Loves playing chess & solving Sudoku being his favorite leisure activity.

  • Vasanthanarayan M

Can often be found with earphones plugged in. He tried to become ambidextrous this semester, and mostly succeeded.

  • Dharav Solanki

The old man of the team, the only member who isn't a third-year. He is best-known for the barrage of potential software solutions he throws at the rest of the team every time he meets them.


Dr. Dhiraj Bhatia
Govind K. Joshi

Faculty Mentor

Dr N.Manoj