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According to recent studies, DNA nanostructures have proved to be very effective tools in solving Structural Biology and Biophysics problems, with potential applications in Nanomedicine. But in spite of their effectiveness, it is important to note that the constitutive presence of these structures may not always be desired. Ideally, one would want a structure to fold into an appropriate configuration in response to specific triggers. In the absence of these triggers, the structure would avoid arranging itself into this “right” configuration. Our project aims at designing a system wherein the conditions for the occurrence of a function is programmed into DNA logic gates. These gates operate via threshold-based triggers and can hence act as switches. The output of these gates will then be discharged in the form of critical staples essential for the DNA to fold into the desired configuration. Using this approach, we can program the same initial components to fold differently in response to different triggers. This project is our attempt to head in the exciting new direction of creating structures that respond to signals. Once fully developed, it is highly likely to find potential applications in Medical Biotechnology and Diagnostics. It is also possible that somewhere down the line, smart DNA structures with higher adaptability may be designed and used to realize these applications.