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Banden für The U - Rampe: 1565

Bild gespeichert unter: Biomod-Ordner, Rechner: Gelbilder

  • Reihen von links nach rechts: 1kb-ladder, scaffold 7650 20nMol, Bm1, Bm2
    • jeweils Bande 1: Bande, die langsamer gelaufen ist!
    • jeweils Bande 2: Bande, die schneller gelaufen ist!

labeling oligos with fluorophores

  • labeling using terminal transferase according to protocol in BioNanoWiki, but 2x the usual volumes (final volume: 80µl)
  • all reactions were accomplished twice, but for the_U 218 and the_U 225 only one reaction was successful
  • labeled oligos:

  • the_U 175 with Atto550_ddCTP helix 4
  • the_U 218 with Atto647N_ddUTP helix 23

  • the_U 197 with Atto550_ddCTP helix 8
  • the_U 225 with Atto647N_ddUTP helix 29

  • the_U 183 with Atto550_ddCTP helix 5
  • the_U 204 with Atto647N_ddUTP helix 20

  • for purification, batches of identical probes were combined
  • labeled oligos were resuspended in 100µl 0.5xTBE 11mM MgCl2 (50µl for the_U 218 and the_U 255)
  • further see concentration measurement

  • prepared solutions for determining absorption coefficients of unlabeled oligos at nanodrop