Biomod/2011/IITM/AcidArtists/Work Diary

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29 Aug

After our discussion with Prof. Manoj, we have made a few changes to the idea that we had finalized earlier on. The previous idea was to capture ions from their aqueous solutions. This was to be done by using DNA particles that have ligands incorporated into their structures which interact with the corresponding metal ions and bind to them. These particles would then be aggregated using central structure, again made out of DNA, and the binding of the two entities was to take place through ssDNA overhangs attached to both the entities that would be complementary (so as to fascilitate binding). However, now, we have changed the project a little bit. Even though the context has changed, the core work of the project will not be affected much. This is because the structure to be made in this version of the project is the same. Now, instead of working in an aqueous solution of a specific ion, we will be dealing with separation of proteins.