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22 July 2011

1) Deciding on a thesis/problem statement

2) Summaries of the 5.5 articles out of 7 that were posted by Nikhil

3) Having a plan in mind about what exactly are we supposed to do when we get back to college - <2 weeks remain! -- requires clarity about the job

4) caDNAno operations and CanDo. How many of us have made ourselves familiar with using the software?

5) Sponsorship details

6) On Ground details - What exactly do we need to do in the Lab and clarity on permissions/privileges

7) Game Plan on using the size of our team for our own advantage. For example, dividing the team into 3 groups, each researching a specific topic, or performing a different task. THIS IS ESSENTIAL, but will be out of our reach if we do not have any clarity on what we are supposed to do.

8) Getting in touch with our Masters and PhD students and making them our advisers. THIS IS IMPORTANT. We want to minimize mistakes, so we need continuous guidance

9) Getting in touch with people from campus to do our RSA animate video. If deemed unfeasible, need to find other ways to present the video. (Assuming obviously that Raps, Music Videos etc. do not convey the same energy that the people start off with, and become more of a liability than asset!)