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<html> <head> <style> /*

  1. bodyContent{text-align:center;}
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  1. content{

color:#111; background:none; border:none; } .portlet .pBody { border:none; background:none; z-index:100; } .portlet a{color:#white;} .pBody a{color:#white;}

  1. footer{background:none; border:none;}
  2. footer li{color:#333;;}
  3. footer li a {color:#333;;}

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, a, pre{color:#333;; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, sans-serif;}

  1. menu ul{list-style:none;}
  2. menu ul li{float:left; width:125px; text-align:center; background:#234ade; margin:5px; cursor:pointer}
  1. content_container{width:1%;height:10px; background:#333; position:absolute; top:260px; display:none; left:495%; opacity:0.8;

border-radius:20px;-moz-border-radius:20px;-webkit-border-radius:20px; border:1px #AAA solid; }

  1. close_container{position:absolute;left:98.5%;top:5px;,cursor:pointer;}

.contents{float:none; position:absolute; width:89%; text-align:justify; top:280px; display:none; height:316px; overflow:auto; padding:16px;}

.slide_show_pic{ position:absolute; top:-40px; left:160px; display:none; height:400px; }


.stack { position: fixed; bottom: 60px; right: 60px; } .stack > img { position: relative; cursor: pointer; padding-top: 35px; z-index: 2; left:20px;} .stack ul { list-style: none; position: absolute; top: 5px; cursor: pointer; z-index: 1; } .stack ul li { position: absolute; } .stack ul li img { border: 0; } .stack ul li span { display: none; } .stack .openStack li span {

   font-family: "Lucida Grande", Lucida, Verdana, sans-serif;  
   height: 14px;  
   top: 17px;  
   line-height: 14px;  
   border: 0;  
   padding: 3px 10px;  
   border-radius: 10px;  
   -webkit-border-radius: 10px;  
   -moz-border-radius: 10px;  
   color: #fcfcfc;  
   text-align: center;  
   text-shadow: #000 1px 1px 1px;  
   opacity: .85;  
   filter: alpha(opacity = 85);  


.stack img{width:50px;}

/* IE Fixes */ .stack { _position: absolute; } .stack ul { _z-index:-1; _top:-15px; } .stack ul li { *right:5px; }

/*stack close*/

  1. sidebar_bg{

width:150px; background:#000; opacity:0.6; height:830px; display:block; position:absolute; left:-156px; top:-50px; z-index:-100; }

  1. contents_stuff{width:80%;}

</style> <script type="text/javascript" src=""/></script> <script>

jQuery(function () {

   // Stack initialize  
   var openspeed = 300;  
   var closespeed = 300;  
       var vertical = 0;  
       var horizontal = 0;  
       var $el=$(this);  
           $(this).animate({top: '-' + vertical + 'px', left: horizontal + 'px'}, openspeed);  
           vertical = vertical + 55;  
           horizontal = (horizontal+.75)*2;  
       ${top: '-50px', left: '10px'}, openspeed).addClass('openStack')  
          .find('li a>img').animate({width: '50px', marginLeft: '9px'}, openspeed);  
       $el.animate({paddingTop: '0'});  
   }, function(){  
       //reverse above  
       var $el=$(this);  
       $'openStack').children('li').animate({top: '55px', left: '-10px'}, closespeed);  
       $'li a>img').animate({width: '50px', marginLeft: '0'}, closespeed);  
       $el.animate({paddingTop: '35'});  
   // Stacks additional animation  
   $('.stack li a').hover(function(){  
       $("img",this).animate({width: '56px'}, 100);  
       $("span",this).animate({marginRight: '30px'});  
       $("img",this).animate({width: '50px'}, 100);  
       $("span",this).animate({marginRight: '0'});  


</script> </head>


<img src="" alt="Team" style="float:left; width:40px;"> <h1> Team</h1>

<div class="stack"> <img src="" alt="stack"> <ul id="stack"> <li><a href=""><span>Brain Stroming</span><img src="" alt="Brain Storming"></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>Work Diary</span><img src="" alt="Work diary"></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>Team</span><img src="" alt="Team"></a></li> <li><a href=""><span>Home</span><img src="" alt="Project"></a></li> </ul> </div>

<div id="menu_desc" style="position:fixed; right:-38px; width:200px; text-align:center; bottom:36px; color:white; cursor:pointer"><b>Menu</b></div>

<div id="contents_stuff"> <h3>Faculty Advisor</h3> <h4>Prof. N Manoj</h4><hr/> <br/> <h3>Graduate Mentors</h3> <h4>Nikhil Srinivasan And Satish</h4><hr/> <br/> <h3> Undergraduate members</h3><br/> <h4>Abhinav</h4> <p> The "angry, young man" of the group; Abhinav has unparalleled skill in reading research literature which he sifts through faster than you go through a magazine at a dental appointment. An ace swimmer, he has also won several plaudits in the pool. His affinty for water extends outside the pool with a keen interest in marine biology. </p><br/> <h4>Amit</h4> <p>They say good things come in small packages; well by that analogy Amit is pretty great. He is good with numbers and loves to fit models on a given data. A math enthusiast, Amit seeks to pursue a career in the same. Besides being excellent in the laboratory, Amit also excels in academics with grades that could make anyone go green with envy.</p><br/> <h4>Dharav</h4> <p>A creative genius who comes up with ideas faster than you can count. He is also in possession of some of the most impressive oratory skills. Dharav aims to pursue a career in cognitive sciences where he believe his creative spark will come in handy. </p><br/> <h4>Govind</h4> <p>Aristotle, Plato, Govind... well those are the philosophers we are aware of. Armed with an endless list of philosophies which will hopefully be published someday; the "Guruji" is an avid programmer in his free time which is most of the time. He is the go-to guy for all our tech-related problems. Bioinformatics is Govind's field of interest as it combines his skills of biology with his love of coding.</p><br/> <h4>Nisarg</h4> <p>Nisarg is the one expected to do the mature thing in times of crisis; when he is awake that is. A jack-of-all-trades, Nisarg is enthusiastic about biology in general and is unsure of what he wishes to specialize in but is sure to succeed in whatever he does.</p><br/> <h4>Suraj</h4> <p>He's the guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. Whatever you need Suraj knows where to get it. Blessed with a shrewd business sense Suraj applies the same to his academic life with impressive skills in the field of linear optimization. He has entrepreneural aspirations; a wise choice given his interests. </p></br/> <h4>Tanmay</h4> <p>The guy who adds the fun element to the group. Tanmay is a music devotee which unfortunately means he overrates his own singing abilites. The encyclopedia of the group, Tanmay uses enviable amounts of knowledge to his benefit in the quizzing arena. A chemistry enthusiast since high school, biochemistry is the field for Tanmay. </p><br/> </div>

</body> </html>