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Wednesday, March 22, 2023








SPEX Protocol

1. Turn on the lamp and wait for 30 min for the lamp to warm up.

2. Launch the software: Instrument control center

3. Temperature set up Click the third square icon “Visual setup” Temperature control icon: Turn on and Set to 25 degreeC Choose T bath (internal).

4. Wash the cuvettes. Distilled Water (DW) (10 times) 70% ethanol (twice) DW (5 times) 70% ethanol (once) Air dry the cuvettes for 1 h.

5. Clean the cuvettes using lens paper.

6. Click second square icon “real time display”. High voltage: HV on, S 950, T 950 Bandpass : 2

7. Click the last icon “run CWA”. Open the file “ROX_CWA” Optional mode: kinetics, Integration time: 10s Define: Repeat acquisition: 1 min (minimum) for a total of ~ min, depending on how long you would like to run the experiment.

8. Mixing: Mix the sample with 1X TE/Mg++ buffer inside cuvettes by pipetting for 30 times.

9. Start acquisition. Run sample. The data should not exceed 1 million (1000,000).

10. To add more samples (for example, walker triggers) in the middle of SPEX experiment When the status is “waiting”, click “stop”. Add samples and mix. Replace cuvettes into the SPEX machine.

11. Save the data When the status is “waiting”, click “stop”. Click “yes” Save data in two forms (DWA datafile, txt file) Check if the data is properly saved.

  • If you want to see the reference signals, go to options: view option and display raw R.