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Sunday, December 10, 2023








Formatting Guidelines

Template Code for New Pages

=Page Title=
==Start of page==
<!-- Page goes here -->


This should be the first line to any page that is linked to from any other DeoxyriboNucleicAwesome Wiki Page. This template completes most of the page format, including the banner, link side bar, and information about the placement of the rest of the text on the page.

=Page Title=

The =Page Title= command will format the "Page Title" text as though it were actually the title of the page. This draws attention away from the fact that the actual page title is Biomod/2011/Caltech/DeoxyribonNucleicAwesome/Page Title.


The __TOC__ command will force the table of contents to come after the page title. The default is that it is placed before.

==Start of Page==

This is where your wiki page will go. Please remember to follow the Manual of Style when creating or editing pages.


This template closes the tags left open in the header for good style.