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January 14 2015

Organism Size Reproduction?
chlamy 10 iso
gonium 50 oo
volvox 213 oo

Use this tool to easily convert excel to wiki based tables!!!

February 2 2014: We can finally add pictures! To do this follow the directions... 1. First, make sure when you are adding text along with pictures, type in the text and save it. Then upload photos and add those within the previously saved text. 2. To add photos (or anything other than text) select 'upload file' on the toolbox on the left hand menu. 3. Follow the prompts to upload a file. You should save images as .png files with the lowest resolution possible to make them easily viewable. 4. Once you upload the image, copy the image name at the top of the image file. 5. Copy and paste it into your lab notebook with square brackets before and after. I have included a picture of my dog here as an example. Remember, you can look at the code that has allowed me to post this image by going to the 'edit' tab at the top.

Q the Dog.png

January 29 2014: Please note students that we are still having trouble with file uploads. This is the website which is trying to solve the problem, so I have no control over this glitch. What I recommend is saving all of your images in some annotated way to a word document or a powerpoint or to microsoft paint. This way, you will have them all in one tidy place and you can upload once the problem is resolved. Be patient and I will let you all know once we are back up! MB

January 27 2014: This is the page to which we will post in order to learn how to use OWW as efficiently and effectively (and unfrustratingly) as possible. If you have questions, post them here! If you find great resources, post them here! If you find excellent tutorials or ways to troubleshoot problems, post them here! Students and TAs can all post answers to questions and have a general discussion that everyone can access. Remember! Start with the bolded date and then sign your initials when you post. Thanks! MB