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Biol295F: Fall 2008

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Date In Class Assignment Due
Aug 28 Go over syllabus, course goals, openwetware, and software
  1. Create an account on Openwetware
  2. Read the wiki help on openwetware
  3. Create your own wiki page that links to this course page. Name your page "Biol295F_LASTNAME"
  4. Download and Install Systems Biology Workbench and Cell Designer
  5. Start reading NIH Stem Cell Basics
Sept 4
Sept 4
  1. Quest Speaker. 5 minutes. Jennifer Nordland. Soybean Competition
  2. Frit-O-Lay Visit. 10 minutes
  3. Big Picture: Cellular Engineering
Look up one of these 6 entities. Report on the who, what, where, when, and how of what these companies do. What is their status today?

Biobricks Foundation (Cambridge Mass), Blue Heron Biotechnology (Bothel Washington), Amyris Biotechnologies (Emeryville, CA), Codon Devices (Cambridge, Mass), Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution (Gainesville, FL), Synthetic Genomics (Rockville, Md) 1 page written. 5 minutes oral to the class

Sept 11
Sept 11
  1. Student reports from last week's assignment
  2. test of email list
  3. blackboard
  4. continue cellular engineering slides
  5. begin stem cells
  6. stem cell policy
  7. introduce bioethics essay assignment
  8. Begin CellDesigner
  1. Read AAAS report on the current state of the stem cell debate
  2. Outline and summarize your thoughts on whether or not biological engineers should have a code of ethics.
Sept 18
September 19 Jane Smith Formatting a course schedule OWW.101:Schedule