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Science 2.0 Course

The idea behind this page is to build a comprehensive course material for people talking about or even teaching how to do science in connected world (so-called Science 2.0).

The main goal of the course was to tell people about all the changes in communication that happened over the last 10 years, introduce them into open science and at last show them tools that build on top of communication and openness that they may use right away.

  1. Communication, collaboration, visibility
    • New communications channels (blogs, microblogs, aggregators, virtual conferences ans poster sessions) and examples of successful applying in science.
    • New roles of blogs, Research Blogging initiative.
    • Wikis, Etherpad and Google Documents/Wave - platforms for document co-writing.
    • Collaboration for programmers, Git.
    • Visibility and recognition in the internets: StackOverflow and ResearcherID.
    • Metrics (large list of relevant articles is on this FriendFeed thread and the recent article in Nature)
  2. Practical open science
  3. Searching for information and literature management
    • Information overflow - myth or fact?
    • Searching for information - differences between PubMed and Google Scholar.
    • Semantic analysis of abstracts based on GoPubMed and NovoSeek.
    • Targeted text-mining tools.
    • Literature management: online (Connotea, CiteULike) and desktop (Zotero, Mendeley) approaches. Alternatives for EndNote. Automated or not - literature recommendations.