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Rails is Ruby Framework that makes creating websites very simple by automating a lot of the common tasks. In my head I'd like to see a biological equivalent but focused on creating a framework for bioinformatics experiments.

The idea came for this from some of the points I outlined in a blog post. Jan has continued this with work on biorake. This could be extend using alreading existing tools such as sake or thor to create a distributed set of bioinformatics task, shared over github.

A second library in this could be a common set of dataset validations based on Validatable. The point of these would be a set of data validations that can be used to verify the expected format of common bioinformatics data.

The aim of this project should be to make common task in bioinformatics, such as parrallelisation, very easy to do.

Michael Barton 12:09, 24 June 2008 (UTC)