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Transect #2 Lab 1 :

Transect #2 was in the Amphitheater area of the American University campus. It was located in the front of a building containing a stream in the central of its location. It was surrounded by several trees, shrubs, plant life, soil, rocks, and dirt. The stream was constantly flowing with rocks, soil, and a green pigment which suggested a presence of algae or protists. The biotic elements of our location are all the natural life components like trees, microorganisms, and other plant organisms. The area also contained an abundance of abiotic factors that stem from sunlight to the soil, and the temperature which was rather cold in despite of the sun being out. The transect was considerably rocky containing a pathway of rocks from its opening to the stream that existed in the middle. On the outskirts of the transect were colonies of different plant life, bare trees, and the ground was filled with leaves and branches. In essence the topography of the transect was a square solid structure where the stream lay ahead from west to east, the pathway of rocks went from south to the north, and the building behind our transect marked the northern location. Img 1275.jpg Img 1278.jpg Img 1279.jpg Img 1281.jpg Img 1282.jpg