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Graphs in Molecular Biology with Bioconductor

Author(s): Wolfgang Huber
Affiliations: , EBI
Keywords: protein protein interactions; tutorial


Graphs are used in molecular biology for the representation of relationships (e.g. protein-protein or genetic interactions), for the representation of data (e.g. affinity purification / MS or ChIP-chip) and for knowledge representation (e.g. in the gene ontology).

Bioconductor is an international collaborative open source and open development software project for the analysis and comprehension of genomic data.


I will describe the computational methods for working with graph structures that are provided by the Bioconductor project: data structures, algorithms, visualization. Applications will be presented to the analysis of genetic or drug interactions in cell-based assays, to the exploratory data analysis of protein interaction data and the estimation of complexes.

Links to online material will be provided to allow participants to explore the presented methodology and software after the tutorial.