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Edinburgh Pathway Editor part I

Author(s): Stuart Moodie, Anatoly Sorokin
Affiliations: , Edinburgh University
Keywords: editor; pathways; tutorial


Reconstruction Biological Pathways with EPE

Part 1 will focus on the reconstruction of metabolic pathways using EPE.

The tutorial will take participants through the steps of reconstructing, analysing and modelling biological pathways using graphical notations within the Edinburgh Pathway Editor (EPE; EPE is a visual editor designed for the annotation, visualisation and presentation of a wide variety of biological networks, including metabolic, genetic and signal transduction pathways). This will be a "hands-on" tutorial where participants will work through specific examples using EPE. Specifically, participants will learn about the main graphical pathway notations supported by EPE and how to use them. They will also learn how to use them to reconstruct signalling pathways from the literature and other online resources and associate notes and other annotation within their EPE pathway maps. Finally they will learn how to export their maps from EPE to allow them to analyse their pathways using network topology analysis and computational modelling tools.

The tutorial will be hands on and participants are recommended to bring a laptop with the latest version of EPE preinstalled. Further instructions, EPE and tutorial materials can be obtained from