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We will be taking live notes at:

How to take part in BioSysBio teleconference?

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Summary agenda

  1. Introductions, each person + ISCB SC
  2. Local organising committee, report from Manuel Corpas (publicity, industry)
  3. Industry partnership fair - how it will work and who is signed up, benefit to industry
  4. Roles and who is doing what so far
  5. publication
  6. Review process
  7. submission's and registration

Further details on Agenda

1. We need a list of Manchester email groups that could locally promote BioSysBio:

  • Manchester Bioinf list
  • Masters List
  • MIB
  • Smith Building

3. Regarding the Industry fair, there are 3 lists for which we need to work for:

  • Companies plus their contacts list
  • Other non-academic contacts
  • Academics: publicity, participants
  • Jon Rees suggested to think again about what would be the main

interest of the companies in the field; i.e. either selling stuff or recruiting people

4. Delimitation of roles: who is going to do what? Probably we need to establish what are thetasks of the LOC and the rest of the organising committee

  • Social event?
  • Poster reception, light refreshments?
  • Boards for posters?
  • Proceedings print outs?

Confirmed Participants