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This is the Official BioScaffold Parts Users' Group Wiki

You can state your commitment to design, create, or test BioScaffold parts and/or convert plasmids or important BioBrick parts to a BioScaffold compatible format on this wiki.

The document BBFRFC15 [1] describes some potential parts, uses, and format for BioScaffold parts. BioScaffold parts help extend BioBrick standard assembly to many new applications and can overcome many of its limitations (such as those regarding protein fusions, library fabrication, and part domestication.) You may wish to become a part of the BioScaffold community: to do so you create and test already designed BioScaffold parts, design new BioScaffold parts, design new uses for BioScaffold parts, or convert high use plasmids to a BioScaffold compatible format. If you are interested joining the community or have already done so, please contact Julie Norville at (julie dot norville at gmail dot com and norville at csail dot edu) with the subject heading "BioScaffold parts" so that your work and insights can be described in future BioScaffold parts BBF RFCs or publications and/or you can be solicted as a co-author on these documents. You may also wish to describe your intent here on the BioScaffold Part User Group wiki (especially if you wish to convert plasmids or other important parts to a BioScaffold part compatible format) so that others in the community do not duplicate your efforts. As the community grows we will create a mailing list. Other infomation about BioScaffold parts can be found at [2].