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Bionumbers is a work in progress. We wish to continue to improve bionumbers.

To expedite this we welcome all comments/ideas large and small. Feel free to comment on posted ideas also (e.g. this sounds good or useless)

Features to add:

email corresponding author of paper when a number is added (done by automatic script)

each entry contains a link to a wiki page for discussion of the number pages for discussion of larger but related topics (comments on class of entries)

list of most of searched/hits

list of random hits

other people who searched for this also searched for ...

vote for interesting numbers (and then interesting numbers list) each number would get a score between 1 and 10 for example

request page for desired bionumbers

community score for reliability of number (receives non anonymous score of 1-10)

Community concerns:

Use real name when adding entries (no anonymous submission of data)