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NextSEEK works by connecting different data sample types using assays, showing both the data that was stored and the experimental process. This results in a diagram that outline the entire experiment and the different sample types that were generated and obtained, as shown in the image below. NextSEEK is a helpful resource for researchers, as the technical side of it is very straightforward. At the BioMicro Center, researchers fill out data sheets and send it to the data managers, who then upload it to NextSEEK while maintaining constant communication to ensure that everything is running smoothly. We also emphasize real-time data upload, to avoid the hassle of mass-uploading all of the data at the time of publication. The generalizability of NextSEEK data storage makes it simple to transfer the data to another public repository, as shown below.

For those interested in learning more about the technical aspects of NextSEEK and the architecture of the data storage, this paper outlines the details behind it: