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seq run date Construct clone Oligo Result File Link
iG001 JCA_060806 pSB1A2-J01129 stock ca998 OK read, matches model iG001
iG002 JCA_060806 pSB1A2-J01122 stock ca998 OK read, matches model iG002
iG003 JCA_060806 pSB1A2-J01122 stock ca999 Failed read iG003
iG004 BCH_062206 pSB3C6-J01122-A miniprep A ca1000 the tube was mislabeled and it turns out that the clone was 1022 iG004
iG005 BCH_062206 pSB3C6-J01122-A -80 stock A ca1000 parent vector...not a lock iG005
iG006 JL_062706 pSB1A2-J23003 1 BBa_G00101 OK read, matches model iG006
iG007 JL_062706 pSB1A2-J23003 2 BBa_G00101 OK read, matches model iG007
iG008 JL_062906 pSB1A2-J01064 from -80 ca998 perfect iG008
iG009 JL_062906 pSB3C6-J01093 ?? ca1000 perfect iG009
iG010 JL_062906 pSB3C6-J01024 ?? ca1000 sequence is correct but in registry TrajR is reversed iG010
iG011 JL_062906 pSB1AK3-J01001 from -80 ca998 perfect iG011
iG012 JL_063006 pSB1A2-J01003 mini-prep ca998 Good, but did not get read in the 5' end iG012
iG013 KAD_070306 pJ23006-1 mini-prep ca998 Good read, matches model iG013
iG014 KAD_070306 pJ23006-2 mini-prep ca998 Good read, matches model iG014
iG015 KAD_070306 pJ23004-1 mini-prep ca998 is pJ23006 iG015
iG016 KAD_070306 pJ23004-1 mini-prep BBa_G00101 is pJ23006 iG016
iG017 KAD_070306 pSB3C6-J01122 mini-prep ca1000 Does not match model iG017
iG018 KAD_070706 pJ23006 mini-prep ca998 failed read iG018
iG019 KAD_070706 J01063 (Lock1) mini-prep ca998 Does not match model: is basic lock1 part and lacks ptet, rfp, and double terminator iG019
iG020 KAD_070706 J01068 (Lock2) mini-prep ca998 Does not match model: is basic lock2 part and lacks ptet, rfp, and double terminator iG020
iG021 KAD_070706 pSB3C6-J01122-A3 mini-prep ca1000 perfect iG021
iG022 KAD_070706 pSB3C6-J01122-A4 mini-prep ca1000 perfect iG022
iG023 KAD_071006 pJ23006 mini-prep ca998 correct iG023
iG024 KAD_071006 pSB3C6-J01122-1 mini-prep ca1000 wrong iG024
iG025 KAD_071006 pSB1A2-J01129 mini-prep ca998 correct iG025
iG026 KAD_071006 pJ23006-I13522-1 mini-prep ca998 correct iG026
iG027 KAD_071006 pJ23006-I13522-2 mini-prep ca998 correct iG027
iG028 KAD_071106 pJ23006-J23007-3 miniprep ca998 failed read iG028
iG029 KAD_071106 pJ23006-J23008-2 miniprep ca998 failed read iG029
iG030 KAD_071206 pSB1A2-J01055 miniprep ca998 perfect match iG030
iG031 KAD_071206 pSB1A2-J01020 (from Box2) miniprep ca998 point mutation. needs further analysis iG031
iG032 KAD_071406 pJ23006-J23008 miniprep ca998 perfect iG032
iG033 KAD_071406 pJ23006-J23007 miniprep ca998 perfect iG033
iG034 BCH_071706 pJ23006-J23007-2.1 miniprep ca998 perfect iG034
iG035 BCH-071706 pJ23006-J23007-3.1 miniprep ca998 only matches for beginning iG035
iG036 BCH_071706 pJ23006-J23008-3.1 miniprep ca998 only matches for beginning iG036
iG037 BCH_071706 pJ23006-J23008-4.1 miniprep ca998 only matches for beginning iG037
iG038 BCH_071706 pJ23006-994Library-1 miniprep ca998 iG038
iG039 BCH_071706 pJ23006-994Library-8 miniprep ca998 iG039
iG040 SIL_072106 pSB1A2-J23011 miniprep ca998 matches iG040
iG041 SIL_072106 pSB1A2-J23013 miniprep ca998 (front) matches iG041
iG042 SIL_072106 pSB1A2-J23013 miniprep G00101 (back) matches iG042
iG043 KAD_072406 pSB1A2-J01129-B0015-1 (pSB1A2-J23023-1) miniprep ca998 matches model, but has two gaps between the SpeI site and the beginning of the ColEI origin, increased gaps as read starts towards end of read iG043
iG044 KAD_072406 pSB1A2-J01129-B0015-2 (pSB1A2-J23023-2) miniprep ca998 matches model, but has a point mutation between the NotI and XbaI sites, a gap between the PstI site and the ColEI origin, a point mutation in the beginning of the ColEI origin, increased gaps towards end of read iG044
iG045 BCH_072406 pJ23006-23009-1 miniprep ca998 read drops off short presumably due to the construct's strong secondary structure. we dont know what to do about this. iG045
iG046 KAD_072606 pSB1A2-J23029 miniprep ca998 perfect match, but one bp mutation between NotI and XbaI sites iG046
iG047 KAD_072606 pACSer2AGGA PCR ca1000 good read, but has several point mutations iG047
iG048 KAD_072606 pSB1A3-I13450-1 miniprep ca998 Very close, but a little off. Need to update model iG048
iG049 SIL_072706 pSB1A2-J23014 miniprep ca998 matches iG049
iG050 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit A miniprep ca998 good iG050

Start 51-100

iG051 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit B miniprep ca998 good iG051
iG052 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit C miniprep ca998 good iG052
iG053 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit D miniprep ca998 good iG053
iG054 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit E miniprep ca998 good iG054
iG055 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit F miniprep ca998 good iG055
iG056 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit White D7 miniprep ca998 good iG056
iG057 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit Red F6 miniprep ca998 failed read iG057
iG058 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit Red D7 miniprep ca998 failed read iG058
iG059 MF_073106 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit Red A2 miniprep ca998 good iG059
iG060 KAD_080106 pSB1A3-J23037-3 miniprep ca998 matches model, one base pair mutation in ColEI iG060
iG061 KAD_080106 pSB1A3-J23037-4 miniprep ca998 matches model, one base pair mutation in ColEI iG061
iG062 bch_080106 pSB3C6-J23018-1 (part J23019) miniprep ca1000 perfect iG062
iG063 bch_080106 pSB3C6-J23018-2 (part J23019) miniprep ca1000 perfect iG063
iG064 bch_080106 pJ23006-J23036-1 miniprep ca998 perfect iG064
iG065 bch_080106 pJ23006-J23035-1 miniprep ca998 wrong, recomb excision product iG065
iG066 bch_080106 pJ23006-23034-3 miniprep ca998 wrong, recomb excision product iG066
iG067 bch_080106 pJ23006-J23033-1 miniprep ca998 wrong, recomb excision product iG067
iG068 bch_080106 pJ23006-J23032-1 miniprep ca998 perfect iG068
iG069 bch_080106 pJ23006-J23031-1 miniprep ca998 perfect iG069
iG070 bch_080106 pJ23006-J23030-1 miniprep ca998 deletion at SpeI site iG070
iG071 KAD_080206 pSB1A2-J23029-2D miniprep ca998 good iG071
iG072 KAD_080206 pSB1A2-J23029-4D miniprep ca998 good iG072
iG073 KAD_080306 pSB3C6-Bca1025-1 miniprep KB009 failed read iG073
iG074 KAD_080306 pSB3C6-Bca1025-2 miniprep KB009 failed read iG074
iG075 SIL_080306 pSB1A2-J23038-1 miniprep ca998 failed read iG075
iG076 SIL_080306 pSB1A2-J23038-2 miniprep ca998 failed read iG076
iG077 SIL_080306 pSB1A2-J23028-3 miniprep ca998 perfect iG077
iG078 SIL_080306 pSB1A2-J23028-4 miniprep ca998 good iG078
iG079 bch_080306 pS23006- J23009-1 mini G00101 read failed due to secondary structure probably iG079
iG080 bch_080306 pSB3C6- J23018 midi ca1001 iG080
iG081 kad_080806 psB3C6- bca1025-1 mini ca1001 perfect iG081
iG082 kad_080806 psB3C6- bca1025-2 mini ca1001 point mutation iG082
iG083 BCH_080806 pJ23006-J23043-1 mini ca998 iG083
iG084 BCH_080806 pJ23006-J23044-1 mini ca998 should have used G00101 instead because of the secondary structure of key3d iG084
iG085 MF_080906 pSB1A2-J23038 mini ca998 wrong iG085
iG086 KAD_080906 pSB1A2-J23046-1 (rename me as J23063-1) mini ca998 matches Pcon-Ser2AGGA #J23063 iG086
iG087 KAD_080906 pSB1A2-J23046-2 (rename me as J23063-2) mini ca998 matches Pcon-Ser2AGGA #J23063 iG087
iG088 KAD_080906 pSB1A2-J23061-2 (rename me as J23064-2) mini ca998 matches Pcon-Ser2AGGA #J23054 iG088
iG089 KAD_080906 pSB1A2-J23061-4 (rename me as J23064-4) mini ca998 matches Pcon-Ser2AGGA #J23064 iG089
iG090 bch_080906 pJ23006-J23044-1 mini BBa-G00101 iG090
iG091 BCH_081006 pSB1A2-J23041-1 mini ca998 iG091
iG092 BCH_081006 pSB1A2-J23042-1 mini ca998 iG092
iG093 WRB_081106 pSB1A2-J23040 mini ca998 iG093
iG094 WRB_081106 pSB1AK3-J23039(5) mini ca998 iG094
iG095 WRB_081106 pSB1AK3-J23039(6) mini ca998 iG095
iG096 MF_081106 pBca1020-Bca1022 hit A mini ca998 excellent iG096
iG097 MF_081106 pBca1020-Bca1022 hit B mini ca998 excellent iG097
iG098 MF_081106 pBca1020-Bca1022 hit D mini ca998 excellent iG098
iG099 MF_081106 pBca1020-Bca1022 hit A2 mini ca998 excellent iG099
iG100 MF_081106 pBca1020-Bca1022 hit A5 mini ca998 excellent iG100

Start 101-150

iG101 MF_061106 pBca1020-Bca1022 hit F4 mini ca998 excellent iG101
iG102 KAD_081106 pSB3C6-J23032-1 mini ca1000 perfect iG102
iG103 KAD_081106 pSB3C6-J23031-1 mini ca1000 perfect iG103
iG104 KAD_081106 pSB3C6-J12036-1 mini ca1000 this came out completely wrong. genomic DNA was amplified and inserted some how. iG104
iG105 BCH_081406 pJ23006-J23022-1 mini G00101 good, b0015 present iG105
iG106 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit E10 mini ca998 iG106
iG107 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit F12 mini ca998 iG107
iG108 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit B9 mini ca998 iG108
iG109 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit C5 mini ca998 iG109
iG110 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit C1 mini ca998 iG110
iG111 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit RC2 mini ca998 iG111
iG112 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit WD7 mini ca998 iG112
iG113 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit WC2 mini ca998 iG113
iG114 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit B10 mini ca998 iG114
iG115 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit E11 mini ca998 iG115
iG116 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit F3 mini ca998 iG116
iG117 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit F6 mini ca998 iG117
iG118 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit E8 mini ca998 iG118
iG119 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit H12 mini ca998 iG119
iG120 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit E1 mini ca998 iG120
iG121 MF_081506 pBca1020-Bca1022 lib hit RD7 mini ca998 iG121
iG122 BCH_081506 pJ23006-J23066-1 mini G00101 iG122
iG123 MF_081606 pSB1A2-J23038-2 mini ca998 messy iG123
iG124 MF_081606 pSB1A2-J23038-3 mini ca998 messy iG124
iG125 MF_081606 pSB1A2-J23038-4 mini ca998 very messy read, but is correct (barring any unlikely point mutations) iG125
iG126 SIL_081706 pJ23006-J23061-1 mini ca998 perfect iG126
iG127 SIL_081706 pJ23006-J23061-2 mini ca998 duplicatin of bamHI/HindIII region, would still be usable, though iG127
iG128 WRB_081706 pSB1A2-J23040 mini G00101 correct iG128
iG129 SIL_082406 pJ23006-J23070 #1 mini ca998 perfect iG129
iG130 SIL_082406 pJ23006-J23062 #1 mini ca998 perfect, had to recreate sequence files, though iG130
iG131 JL082506 pSB3C6-J23071 #1 mini ca1000 failed read iG131
iG132 JL082506 pSB3C6-J23071 #2 mini ca1000 perfect iG132
iG133 JL090806 pSB1AK3-J23075 #1 mini ca998 no promoter iG133
iG134 JL090806 pSB1AK3-J23075 #2 mini ca998 failed read iG134
iG135 JL090806 pSB1AK3-J23074 #1 mini ca998 no promoter iG135
iG136 JL090806 pSB1AK3-J23074 #2 mini ca998 no promoter iG136
iG137 Jl090806 psB1A2-J23119 mini ca998 perfect iG137
iG138 SL090806 pSB3C6-J23072-2 mini ca1000 no RFP iG138
iG139 JL091306 pJ23019-J23072 #5 mini ca1000 perfect iG139
iG140 JL091606 J23077 #1 mini ca1000 good, had to correct the bp bet/ N and X iG140
iG141 JL091606 J23078 #1 mini ca998 perfect iG141
iG142 SL100206 pSB1AG0-J23038-1 mini G01001 did not match the model iG142
iG143 SL100206 pSB1AG0-J23038-2 mini G01001 perfect! iG143
jca313 111406 pSB3C6-J23090 #1 ca1000 perfect jca313
iG144 SL120106 pJ23006-J23201 mini ca998 perfect iG144
iG145 SL120106 pJ23006-J23203 mini ca998 perfect iG145
iG146 SL120106 pJ23006-J23205 mini ca998 spacers had 4 extra bps (a's) each - matches J23207 instead iG146
iG147 SL120106 pJ23006-J23207 mini ca998 spacers had 4 fewer bps each - matches J23205 model instead iG147
jca335 JL120406 psB1A2-Bca1041 mini ca998 wrong iG148
jca336 JL120406 pJ23006-Bca9094 mini G00101 Good iG149
iG150 SIL120906 pJ23006-J23202 mini ca998 Wrong iG150

Start 151-200 Current

iG151 SIL120906 pJ23006-J23204 mini ca998 wrong (parent) iG151
iG152 SIL120906 pJ23006-J23205 mini ca998 good at least w/i BH iG152
iG153 SIL120906 pJ23006-J23206 mini ca998 good at least w/i BH iG153
iG154 SIL120906 pJ23006-J23207 mini ca998 good at least w/i BH iG154
iG155 SIL120906 pJ23006-J23208 mini ca998 Duplicated iG155
iG156 iG156
iG157 iG157
iG158 iG158
iG159 iG159
iG160 iG160
iG161 iG161
iG162 iG162
iG163 iG163
iG164 iG164
iG165 iG165
iG166 iG166
iG167 iG167
iG168 iG168
iG169 iG169
iG170 iG170
iG171 iG171
iG172 iG172
iG173 iG173
iG174 iG174
iG175 iG175
iG176 iG176
iG177 iG177
iG178 iG178
iG179 iG179
iG180 iG180
iG181 iG181
iG182 iG182
iG183 iG183
iG184 iG184
iG185 iG185
iG186 iG186
iG187 iG187
iG188 iG188
iG189 iG189
iG190 iG190
iG191 iG191
iG192 iG192
iG193 iG193
iG194 iG194
iG195 iG195
iG196 iG196
iG197 iG197
iG198 iG198
iG199 iG199
iG200 iG200

Start 201-250

iG201 iG201
iG202 iG202
iG203 iG203
iG204 iG204
iG205 iG205
iG206 iG206
iG207 iG207
iG208 iG208
iG209 iG209
iG210 iG210
iG211 iG211
iG212 iG212
iG213 iG213
iG214 iG214
iG215 iG215
iG216 iG216
iG217 iG217
iG218 iG218
iG219 iG219
iG220 iG220
iG221 iG221
iG222 iG222
iG223 iG223
iG224 iG224
iG225 iG225
iG226 iG226
iG227 iG227
iG228 iG228
iG229 iG229
iG230 iG230
iG231 iG231
iG232 iG232
iG233 iG233
iG234 iG234
iG235 iG235
iG236 iG236
iG237 iG237
iG238 iG238
iG239 iG239
iG240 iG240
iG241 iG241
iG242 iG242
iG243 iG243
iG244 iG244
iG245 iG245
iG246 iG246
iG247 iG247
iG248 iG248
iG249 iG249
iG250 iG250

Start 251-300

iG251 iG251
iG252 iG252
iG253 iG253
iG254 iG254
iG255 iG255
iG256 iG256
iG257 iG257
iG258 iG258
iG259 iG259
iG260 iG260
iG261 iG261
iG262 iG262
iG263 iG263
iG264 iG264
iG265 iG265
iG266 iG266
iG267 iG267
iG268 iG268
iG269 iG269
iG270 iG270
iG271 iG271
iG272 iG272
iG273 iG273
iG274 iG274
iG275 iG275
iG276 iG276
iG277 iG277
iG278 iG278
iG279 iG279
iG280 iG280
iG281 iG281
iG282 iG282
iG283 iG283
iG284 iG284
iG285 iG285
iG286 iG286
iG287 iG287
iG288 iG288
iG289 iG289
iG290 iG290
iG291 iG291
iG292 iG292
iG293 iG293
iG294 iG294
iG295 iG295
iG296 iG296
iG297 iG297
iG298 iG298
iG299 iG299
iG300 iG300

Start 301-350

iG301 iG301
iG302 iG302
iG303 iG303
iG304 iG304
iG305 iG305
iG306 iG306
iG307 iG307
iG308 iG308
iG309 iG309
iG310 iG310
iG311 iG311
iG312 iG312
iG313 iG313
iG314 iG314
iG315 iG315
iG316 iG316
iG317 iG317
iG318 iG318
iG319 iG319