Berglund:Using the TEM

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Technai TEM


  1. fill nitrogen tank
  2. turn off lights, use foot pedal to turn on overhead light.
  3. Turn on : High Tension
  4. Turn: Data Dim to right for panel on
  5. Turn: Panal Dim to right for panel on
  6. Turn on: Power to CCD camera (box)
  7. Check setting: HT= 120kV, spot 3


  1. Turn: filament knob up until it beeps
  2. Left hand on intensity knob,
  3. Turn: Beam down until unitl centered on phosphor screen
  4. Turn: Shift x and y to help center the beam
  5. Turn: down Intensity and keep turning until a tiny dot becomes big again this has to stay circular, if it is oval it is a cooling or alignment of beam problem call Kurt
  6. Turn: Filament down until it beeps


Prepare sample:

  1. rough side down for Si02, shiny down for copper
  2. Flat Si02, dull Cu up

  1. Insert sample
  2. Push in sample, hold until it clicks, kind of gently run it in and out, if done improperly air will go in and the pumps will work for hours getting it out
  3. Wait for the red light to go off, when it does the vacuum is good
  4. Push in the rest of the way and hook to pin on right, be careful and hang on, the vacuum is strong


  1. lights off
  2. Turn: Filament back up until it beeps
  3. Cu= 2600 mag, Si02 170,000 mag
  4. Look for ?wing with spec.
  5. Center on window
  6. Turn: Magnification up (to the right)
  7. 2650 and stop, look for focus step
  8. 25000 and stop
  9. If nothing, refocus and center the beam
  10. Make the beam bright with intensity knob on left
  11. Turn: Shift x and y to center on phosphor screen
  12. Change: tilt angle; 2 dials with lever unhooked
  13. Eccentric height has to be right, set once with each type of grid
  14. 88000 and stop
  15. focus beam again, course focusing
  16. Turn: focus step 3, and defocus with pivot arm
  17. Align button on right: beam coils- dual use multifunction x and y, alignment ON
  18. Differentiation button on left of shift x and y aperture go from rt to left
  19. Check help and dot make sure fully center
  20. Hit diffraction button off again, should be shape

  1. Magnify picture level
  2. 110kx far left to look
  3. 125kx with plate up
  4. make sure light meter (fine) green button to right of intensity knob
  5. ste beam to 1.47 or 1.59s meter
  6. camera is 2nd knob on box, turn moniter on
  7. focus step size, step 3