Berglund:List of Antibodies Available

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Primary Antibodies

p68 RNA Helicase (2257C3a) (2013) (Farnsworth) Santa Cruz (sc-81350) Mouse
Actin (H-196) (purchased 2014) (Wagner) Santa Cruz (sc-7210)Rabbit (this one is to replace the Actin I-19 because it is now made in goat)
HA-probe (F-7)(purchased 2013) (Wagner) Santa Cruz
MBNL1(bought May 2014) (Siboni) LS-B4372/51915 LSBio (Lifespan biosciences, Inc) mouse anti-human (3E7), dilution 1:1000, aliquoted in -20°, Ruth evaluated and it works nicely
DBR1 (K-12) (bought Feb 2011) (Gates) sc-99369 Santa Cruz Biotechnology,to be used with DBR1 siRNA (m).
Muscleblind-like 1 (anti-rabbit monoclonal) (bought Jan 2012) (Wagner) ab108519 Abcam; stored in -20 Wagner stuff; for Westerns 1:1000 you get bands for Hela and Hek cells at 42kDa but it doesn't knockdown DON'T USE, DOESN'T WORK
cox4 (E-23) (anti-rabbit, polyclonal)(bought August 2011)(Wagner)sc-133478 Santa Cruz Biotechnology,; 100µg/ml- westerns
alpha Tubulin (B-5-1-2)antibody (anti-mouse monoclonal) (bought August 2011)(Wagner) sc-23948, Santa Cruz Biotechnology,; 200µg/ml- westerns
His-probe (G-18; anti-rabbit) Antibody (bought Jan, 2010)(Voelker) sc-804; Santa Cruz Biotechnology; dilution range 1:100-1:1000); 200µg/1ml- for immuno precipitation use 1-2µg/100-500µg of total protein (1ml cell lysate) blocking peptide can be bought sc-804 P for competition studies
GFP(sc-8334) rabbit polyclonal 2010. 1:2000.
HuR(3A2) Antibody (bought 2009)200 ug/mL; sc-5261; Santa Cruz Biotechnology (Purcell) monoclonal antibody HA.11 (Covance, MMS-101R, purchased 2008) to be used with HuR siRNA (h)
FRG1 (L-07) mouse monoclonal antibody 50ug/0.5mL;(sc-101050, Santa Cruz, purchased 2008)
Raised anti-SF1 (not completely characterized)
anti-U2AF65 Santa Cruz (purchased 2007, sc-48804) used at 1:200, dilution range is 1:100-1:1000
anti-actin Santa Cruz (I-19)Rabbit (purchased 2007, sc-1616) used at 1:200, dilution range is 1:100-1:1000
anti-HNRNP E2 (H-15) Santa Cruz (purchased 2007, sc-30725) used at 1:200, dilution range is 1:100-1:1000
2,27-trimethylguanosine (Ab-1) monoclonal antibody to nucleic acid (purchased 2006?, oncogene, Na02, NA02A). This antibody reacts with the exposed 5' cap structure of the snRNAs and can be used for purification of snRNPs by immunoaffinity chromatography.
anti-dig ap fab, fragments for in situ hyb, cat# 11093274910, Roche, bought 10/5/2010
HuR(3A2) AntibodySanta Cruz Biotechnology, cat # sc-5261, 200 ug/mL, bought 1/29/2009

Secondary Antibodies

IR Dye 800CW Goat (polyclonal) Anti-Rabbit IgG(purchased 2013) LiCor 827-08365
IR Dye 680CW Goat (polyclonal) Anti-Mouse IgG(purchased 2013) LiCor 926-68170
IR Dye 800CW Goat (polyclonal) Anti-Rabbit IgG(purchased 2013) LiCor 926-32211
donkey anti-goat Santa Cruz (purchased 2007)
bovine anti-mouse Santa Cruz (purchased 200??)
goat anti-rabbit Santa Cruz (purchased 2007)
goat anti-chicken (Jackson ImmunoResearch, Alkaline phosphatase conjugated, 103-055-155)
rabbit anti-chicken (Jackson ImmunoResearch, peroxidase-conjugated, 303-035-003)
rabbit anti-chicken (Jackson ImmunoResearch, peroxidase-conjugated, 303-035-008)

Blocking serums:

Normal chicken serum (Jackson ImmunoResearch, 003-000-120)