Berglund:Gel Dryer Method

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Low Toxicity Ethanol-based Coomassie Blue staining (from


0.25g Coomassie Blue R-250
100ml ethanol
100ml water

stir until dye has dissolved (about 1 hr), add:

25ml glacial acetic acid
25ml water

400ml ethanol
100ml glacial acetic acid
500ml water


  1. take gel apart in water
  2. cut off top of gel (stacking part of gel and wells)
  3. rinse in water a couple of times to get rid of SDS
  4. shake in 25ml of destain for 5-10 min then pour off destain
  5. add 50ml of stain (can be reused)
  6. stain for 30min- 1hr (stain can be heated briefly in microwave to hasten staining process)
  7. pour off stain
  8. rinse with water a couple of times
  9. add destain (25-50ml)
  10. stop destain with water when bands are quite visible
  11. put on whatman paper and dry in gel dryer for about 15 min