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One of many batches of homade beer I've made. This one is called Elbro Nerkte Brown Ale from The Complete Joy of Homebrewing (3rd Ed.) by Charles Papazian pg. 196.


• Pale Malt Extract

• Steeping grains: wheat, crystal malt, black patent malt

• Centennial and Cascade hops

• Ale yeast

The perfect starting materials: Pale Malt Extract and steeping grains.
Steeping grains. When soaked in 70C water they release chocolate colour and flavor.
Adding the steeping grains to water.
Adding the steeping grains to water.
Adding the steeping grains to water.
Straining out and sparging the steeping grains.
Adding hops, my favorite part. They smell so good!.
Boiling the hops in the wort.
Cooling the wort as quickly as I can to room temp so I can add the yeast.
Re-hydrating the yeast.
Straining out the hops.
Look at the beautiful hops after they gave up their flavors and oils to the wort.
After two weeks of primary fermentation in the bucket I transfer the beer/wort to a glass carboy with an airlock to complete secondary fermentation and allow the yeast to flocculate (settle out). .
The wort/beer is safely inside the glass carboy.
A month later, the final product. Pretty good head.

Nice brown/red colour. Tasted great!