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Beauchamp Lab

AFNI Short Course 2010 Participant Info Page


Please write a few sentences about yourself and your research interests under your name, below. Feel free to include a link to your web page, if applicable, or upload your cv or a picture. To make changes, click in the login button at the top of the screen, then the user name is and the password is science.

Participant Info

  1. Michael Beauchamp (assistant professor, UT Neurobiology and Anatomy)
    My lab uses fMRI, TMS, NIRS and implanted electrodes to study multisensory integration.
  2. Liangsuo Ma (postdoctoral fellow, UT Psychiatry)
  3. Chris Conner (graduate student, UT Neurosurgery)
  4. Nobuhide Kobori (assistant professor, UT Neurosurgery)
  5. Timothy Ellmore (assistant professor, UT Neurosurgery)
    I love biscotti.
  6. Giri Kalamangalam (assistant professor, UT Neurology)
  7. Mark Ettinger (postdoctoral fellow, UT Neurosurgery)
  8. Jeffrey Nelson (medical student, UT Medical School)
    I'm a fourth-year medical student working with PI Giri Kalamangalam to investigate use of fMRI in epilepsy. AFNI user since 2006.
  9. Tom Pieters (research assistant, UT Neurosurgery)
  10. Nitin Tandon (associate professor, UT Neurosurgery) I am a neurosurgeon and a part-time cognitive neuroscientist at UT Houston Medical School. My lab focuses on the study of cognitive processes, especially language and memory using MR imaging and intra-cranial electrophysiology. More @
  11. Corinne Allen (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
    I'm a Rice graduate student in Cognitive Neuroscience working with Dr. Randi Martin. My research studies executive function(s) abilities in aphasic patients with short-term memory deficits, as well as other aspects of executive control.
  12. Sara Haber Halcomb (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
  13. Yi Guo (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
  14. Denise Harvey (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
    I am a graduate student at Rice University working in Dr. Tatiana Schnur's Lab. I used fMRI for my Master's in an experiment studying the neural correlates of object recognition. Now I am investigating the relationship between white matter pathway integrity and language deficits in stroke aphasic patients. For this research, I am using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and lesion analysis methods. I have very limited experience with AFNI, and I am looking forward to learning more about the software.
  15. Anna Stupina (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
    I am a graduate student in Cognitive Neuroscience at Rice University. I work with Dr. James Pomerantz. Our research focuses on grouping and organization in visual perception. Link to my webpage:
  16. Becky Lundwall (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
  17. Jeff Zemla (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
  18. Ashley Meyer (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
    I am a fifth year graduate student in the Cognitive Neuroscience program at Rice University, studying under Jessica Logan. We study long-term episodic memory and aging as well as and how to improve learning techniques (e.g., testing). Link to lab webpage: Link to my webpage:
  19. Cris Hamilton (research associate, Rice Psychology)
    research: language and memory, specifically interface of executive control and semantic memory. methods: fMRI, TMS, lesions studies
  20. Jennifer Chen (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
    I'm a third year graduate student at Rice University, working with Dr. Denise Chen. Our research interests focus on the functions and features of human olfaction and how it interacts with other senses (e.g., vision and taste) by using fMRI, psychophysical measurements and physiological recordings.
  21. Denise Chen (assistant professor, Rice Psychology)
  22. Tao Wei (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
  23. Siavash Pasalar (research associate, Beauchamp Lab)
    I use fMRI-guided TMS to study multisensory integration.
  24. Audrey Nath (graduate student, Beauchamp Lab)
    I use fMRI to study multisensory integration of audiovisual speech.
  25. Sarah Baum (graduate student, Beauchamp Lab)
  26. Eswen Fava (graduate student, Beauchamp Lab)
  27. Mary Newsome (assistant professor, Baylor College of Medicine PM&R)
  28. Zahra Kadivar (postdoctoral fellow, Baylor College of Medicine PM&R)
  29. Jason Crowther (postdoctoral fellow, Baylor College of Medicine PM&R)
  30. Dorina Papageorgiou (postdoctoral fellow, Baylor College of Medicine)
  31. Randall Scheibel (associate professor, Baylor College of Medicine PM&R)
  32. Jeffrey Katz (associate professor, Auburn University Psychology)
  33. John Magnotti (graduate student, Auburn University Psychology)
  34. Callie McGrath (graduate student, Emory University Neuroscience Program)
  35. D. Reese McKay (graduate student, Research Imaging Institute, UTHSC-San Antonio)
  36. Alexandre Franco (postdoctoral fellow, Emory University Department of Psychiatry)
  37. Vladimir Ivkovic (graduate student, University of Houston)
    I work on sensory augmentation in Parkinson's disease as treatment for akinesia/bradkinesia. Interested in functional (fMRI) and structural (DTI) changes in the basal ganglia in response to extended duration vibrotactile sensory augmentation.
  38. Anita Cservenka (graduate student, Oregon Health and Science University)
    I'm a grad student in the Department of Behavioral Neuroscience at OHSU. I work in the Developmental Brain Imaging Lab, led by Dr. Bonnie Nagel. I'm interested in adolescent brain development and brain function in youth at high risk for alcoholism. More info about me and the fellow grad student attending, Megan Herting, can be found here:
  39. Ramiro Salas (instructor, Baylor College of Medicine)
  40. Dana Moser (postdoctoral fellow, Baylor College of Medicine PM&R)
  41. Philip Baldwin (instructor, BCM HNL)
    I work on imaging small brain areas like Habenula.
  42. M. Amanda Colby (postdoctoral fellow, UT Dallas/Center for Brain Health)
  43. Richard Frye (assistant professor, UT Pediatrics)
  44. Benjamin Malmberg (research associate, UT Pediatrics)
  45. Miranda Brenneman (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
  46. Jeffrey Engelmann (postdoctoral fellow, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)
  47. Traci Sandoval (research assistant, UT Dallas/Center for Brain Health)
  48. Hsueh-Sheng Chiang (graduate student, UT Dallas/Center for Brain Health)
    I work on semantic object memory using fMRI and EEG. Our participants include young adults, aging group, MCI group and dementia patients. My recent focus has been on response inhibition with involvement of semantic categorization using fMRI.
  49. Jeremy Strain (graduate student, UT Dallas)
  50. Megan Herting (Oregon Health Sciences University)
    I am a predoctoral student at OHSU in Portland, Oregon working with Dr. Bonnie Nagel. I use fMRI & DTI to study normal adolescent neurodevelopment. My dissertation work focuses on physical activity and brain development in adolescents. I fell in love with AFNI in 2007.
  51. Neena Rao (graduate student, UT Dallas/Center for Brain Health)
  52. Mingbo Cai (graduate student, BCM)
    I work with Dr. David Eagleman on time perception. Focus includes illusion of perception of duration and temporal order, and potential mathematical models. I love Bohnanza!
  53. Anthony Passaro (graduate student, UT Neurobiology and Anatomy)
  54. Dharol Tankersley (postdoctoral fellow, Baylor College of Medicine)
  55. Cyrus Eierud (graduate student, Baylor College of Medicine)
  56. Jonathan Lisinski (research associate, Baylor College of Medicine)
  57. Stephen LaConte (assistant professor, Baylor College of Medicine)
  58. Caitlin Elmore (graduate student, UT Neurobiology and Anatomy)

I am a graduate student at UT-Houston working with Dr. Anthony Wright. My research involves using fMRI and behavioral studies to better understand visual working memory.

  1. Ilana Bennett (postdoctoral fellow, UT Dallas/Center for Brain Health)
  2. Yingying Tan (graduate student, Rice Psychology)
    I am a graduate student in Rice University working with Dr. Randi Martin. My research interests is language comprehension and its relationship to working memory capacity.
  3. Nuray Yozbatiran (research instructor, UT/TIRR)
  4. Jinchen Yang (postdoctoral fellow, UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain)
  5. Mehereen Wadiwalla (University of Toronto)
    I am currently doing my PhD at University of Toronto which makes me a Canuck and no, I don't say eh after every sentence. On a day to day basis, I am usually found haunting the corridors of Hospital for Sick children and my PhD project is officially called "fMRI of response inhibition and error monitoring in adolescents with and without ADHD" but in reality its just an excuse for me to shove kids into the scanner because I am evil that way.
    On a more serious note, I am an AFNI user and I see this course as a way to increase my understanding of the tool which will help me discover a previously unknown albeit extremely relevant information about brain regions in ADHD.

Course Feedback and Suggestions