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Beauchamp Lab

R Analysis and Visualization of ECOG Data (RAVE)

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Preparing Imaging Data for RAVE

The following files are required to enable RAVE to display cortical surface models. These files must be placed in the folder RAVE/data/subject/suma.

  1. lh.pial.gii -> freesurfer output of left hemisphere pial surface (binary file, located in srv/data/UT/subject/fs/surf/lh.pial)
  2. rh.pial.gii -> freesurfer output of right hemisphere pial surface (binary file, located in srv/data/UT/subject/fs/surf/rh.pial)
  3. subject_electrode.gii -> gifti file with coordinates of electrodes; this file can be generated with R script create_grid.R (to be stored for each patient in RAVE/scripts_pk/subject along with other preprocessing scripts
  4. test.spec -> file that tells suma what information the other files contain; this can be modified easily for each subject from template

Surface model files 'lh.pial.gii' and 'rh.pial.gii' are created with FreeSurfer or other packages. For more information, see Beauchamp:Electrode Localization and Naming.

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