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Beauchamp Lab

Guide for new lab members

  1. At Penn, there is a document for new lab members in the folder

This is an older list from BCM:

  1. Join relevant Slack workspaces (BeauchampLab, FosterLab, RAVE)
  2. Get assigned a Mac by our friendly IT support (Dave Lee); make sure AFNI, FreeSurfer, Matlab, and other tools are installed to your satisfaction. Microsoft Office can be downloaded from the Office 365 web site. Adobe Creative Cloud is also available if needed.
  3. Visit Beauchamp:Software_Installation#Connecting_to_the_Lab_Mac_Server to connect to the lab server.
  4. Receive a BCM e-mail and badge; ask Krista to give you badge access to the CAMRI door and S101 if needed.
  5. Sign up for an openwetware account so that you can modify this wiki. Visit and click on "Request Account" in the very top right corner of the home page.
  6. Ask to be added to various listservs: BeauchampLab; camri-users; Neuroscience Department seminars.
  7. Join the lab Box folder with your BCM account. Install the desktop Box Sync and Box Notes apps on your Mac(s).
  8. Take CITI human subjects training with your BCM account and save the certification of completion to the Box folder so that you can be added to the BCM IRB. This is done by amending the protocol and adding you as a co-investigator. When testing subjects, they must always complete a consent form!
  9. Visit to learn about all of the journals and databases we have access too. Use your BCM ID/password to login.
  10. If you will need to reserve time on the MRI scanners, visit the CAMRI wiki page and follow the instructions to login to iLab a.k.a. CrossLab.
  11. Complete CAMRI MRI safety training (ask Lacey for schedule).
  12. Ask Krista for a CAMRI mug.
  13. Bring in chocolate.
  14. Tweet interesting stuff from the lab Twitter account.