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Beauchamp Lab

Forms for Purchasing, Ordering, Reimbursements

The most up-to-date forms can be found on the department web page at

There are three main ways to buy things with Lab Funds.

1. UT Buy Card

Click here for a PDF purchase order that is filled in.

The easiest is with the UT BuyCard which works like a regular MasterCard. However, items are only allowed to be purchased from APPROVED VENDORS. Even though you can use the credit card anywhere, if you buy from non-approved vendors you will get into trouble and they may take the card away. To find out if a company is an approved vendor, contact the purchasing department. If the company is not an approved vendor, they can add the company. Approved vendors include CDW, Amazon. After the item has been purchased, a requisition form must be submitted to the purchasing department. It is easiest to edit the form in Acrobat and e-mail the form to Purchasing. After the item is received, the packing slip must be sent to Purchasing. SAVE COPIES OF ALL PAPERWORK SENT TO PURCHASING IN CASE THEY LOSE IT! Email or scan the required documents to MS Procurement Group Mailbox (MSB_Procurement@UTH.TMC.EDU) or deliver to the MS Procurement Mailbox located in the Dean’s Office MSB G.150. Daily pick up at 10:00AM & 2:00PM. The following document has more info. Click here for a Word document on BuyCard ordering.

2. Requisition

Alternately, you can simply fill out the requisition form and send to the Purchasing Department. They will place the order. The disadvantange of this method is that it is slower and less reliable than placing the order yourself. After the item arrives, the packing slip must be turned in.

3. Buy it with your own money For many expenses (food, travel) the only choice is to pay for items with your own money, then apply for reimbursement. Travel expenses are submitted on a special form handled by adminstrative assistants. Small purchases (< $10) are handled with Petty Cash Vouchers, the form is found here: [1]. Larger purchases (> $10) are handled with Employee Non PO vouchers, the form is found here: [2]. If the check is to be made out to the vendor, then regular Non PO vouchers are used.

4. Tax exemption Any purchases you make for the lab are tax exempt. All of the approved vendors should have UT's tax exempt form on file, but if they don't you will have to fax them a tax exempt form. You will also need the form if you make purchases at a walk in store. Remember, as stated on the form, you do not need a tax exempt number. The UT tax exempt form can be found here: [3]

The Rice tax exempt form can be found here

FaxZero is a handy way to send FAXes to vendors electronically.

Ordering Office Supplies and Furniture

Furniture can be ordered from Ikea. The easiest way is to use an on-line order from the Houston store, at

Ordering from the national website means very expensive UPS shipping instead of cheap local truck delivery. Container Store (on Post Oak) is an approved vendor.

update Oct 2010: It is possible to order office supplies ourselves, using the lab procurement card. This saves time. ALL OFFICE SUPPLIES MUST STILL BE ORDERED FROM THE APPROVED VENDOR.

There is a tutorial on the website on how to place an order. Orders can be placed by phone or on the web site. PIN #1007658872 call office:713-861-8508

The system that UT uses for ordering office supplies is very roundabout but if you follow these instructions you can avoid at least 4-5 back and forth e-mails with the purchasing office:)

1. Go to and then click "Inside the University". At the top you will see a link called A-Z, click this. Go down to -P- and click the link for procurement. At the bottom you will find SciQuest Catalog. Click this, and on the next page click catalog login screen. The username is "catalog" and the password is "catalog".

2. Once in the SciQuest catalog, you will need to create a new cart. They like the label to be formatted "SCQ/NBA/BEAUCHAMP + date ".

3. For office supplies you have to go through a specific vendor, Today's Business Solutions. From the main page of the SciQuest catalog, click the link to their webpage. This will take you to what they call a "punch out".

4. Add the necessary items to your cart on the Today's Business Solution web page. To add an item to your cart, you will need to click the link to that item, then put in the quantity and press add cart (you cannot do this from the page with a list of items).

5. Once you are done, click "check out". This will take you back to the SciQuest catalog.

6. E-mail a copy of the cart AND a requisition form to Summer Hensley. **NOTE**: The requisition form must be done in Adobe Acrobat, not Preview. You will also need to include the number and address of the vendor. Also make sure to include what account should be charged. Be sure to click the button next to "requisition" in the upper right corner of the form. Save a copy of this .pdf, you might need it later.

7. If all else fails, you can contact Summer Hensley (x5612) and she can help walk you through the process.

Things to Order

laminator transfer roller for Dell printer

Ozarka Water Cooler

Account # 0119856920 800-950-9397

Nestle Waters Lillian 508-977-8607 beauchamplab science

Miscellaneous Vendors MR compatible design and engineering