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Code for AV: 2028* Sample Room 241 other lab 315

Neurolab needs 1280x1024; just set Windows display to this (will let you scroll on smaller displays)

TAs: Dave, Paige,

Lab 1: Find all structures listed in lab on MRIcron software

Todo: use MRIcron software instead of films for lab exams

Lab 2: Demo MRIcron software

Disano's suggestions: use overlays as teaching tool e.g. DTI heat map to show directions of white matter tracts fMR overlays to show motor homunculus, visual, auditory cortex

color in thalamic nuclei different colors to make it easier to learn the orientation of the structures in 3D

color in spinal cord structures

Structures for Lab 6 1. Brain stem with diencephalon attached: Inferior colliculus Brachium of the inferior colliculus Medial geniculate body

2. Hemisected brain revealing the Insula (anterior part - gustatory cortex) Superior bank of the superior temporal lobe (auditory cortex) Transverse Temporal Gyrus (of Heschl) Rostral superior temporal gyrus (vestibular cortex) Superior parietal lobe (vestibular contribution to spatial orientation) Olfactory bulb Olfactory tract Orbital gyrus Gyrus rectus Medial and lateral olfactory stria Piriform cortex (the anterior perforated substance & areas caudal to it) Uncus Periamygdaloid cortex (rostral & superior regions of uncus) Entorhinal cortex (rostral part of parahippocampal gyrus-caudal & inferior to the uncus) Piriform lobe (piriform cortex, periamygdaloid cortex & entorhinal cortex) Rostral parietal pars operculum (gustatory area)